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We are Central Texas' only full-service perpetual care cemetery.  Since 1951
What's New

As of October 6, 2017 

The water to the entire park will be turned OFF every Friday evening
and turned back ON Monday mornings.

If we are out on Monday for a National Holiday
it will remain off until Tuesday morning.

you may enjoy the use of the water Monday through Friday.


Four Month Marker Refinishing Sale
 November 13th to March 15th

Save 40% on all size marker refinishing

20 x 10 usually 241.00 now 145.00

24 x 12 usually 291.00 now 175.00

32 x 10 usually 374.00 now 225.00

36 x 13 usually 374.00 now 225.00

44 x 14 usually 458.00 now 275.00

56 x 16 usually 541.00 now 325.00

16 x 24 usually 333.00 now 200.00

Include a vase ?  add  $ 20.00


Bellwood appreciates your cooperation
with not over decorating your loved ones spaces.

We ask that you keep your decorating to a minimal.
So that we are able to Mow and Weed eat your property
with minimal difficulty.

We  strive to maintain a universal look to the park.

Unregulated decorations deter from the over all appearance of the park and makes it harder for the upkeep that our customers are accustomed to.

We would also like to remind you that ALL benches must be concrete or granite.
As well as placed on top of a concrete or granite base foundation.
This will insure that your bench remains upright for years to come.

All curbing is provided by Bellwood only.
Please contact the office for more information
about curbing or any questions you may have
regarding rules and regulations.

Questions arise frequently regarding
stolen vases and other stolen merchandise that was placed by family at their loved ones grave spaces.

The answer is that Bellwood is not responsible for 
item at the grave site. 
Since you are the owners of the grave property itself, 
you are also owners of the items at the grave property.
Therefore, it is your own responsibility
 for any and all items on your property.
We ask that you not place anything there,
 that you cannot afford to lose.

Bellwood Memorial Park Staff
Thanks You 
for your cooperation !

Complaints concerning perpetual care cemeteries should be directed to:
Texas Department of Banking, 2601 North Lamar Blvd.
Austin, Texas 78705
1 877 276 5554

Please contact, Ray Harper @ (254) 778-8441 or Linda Martin @ 888-287-4036  
Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring
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