Bellwood Memorial Park  - "Family Owned and Operated Since 1951"
Additional Services
Highlighted below are several additional services that Bellwood provides to our many customers.  Please feel free to call or drop by the park office to inquire about these items.  Color brochures are available and can be mailed directly to you upon  request.
Grave Monuments
With the passing of a family member or close friend, it is normal, as a part of the grieving process, to want to memorialize the life and accomplishments of the deceased.  All memorial sales at Bellwood are available through Lighthaven Memorials.  Please contact Linda Martin at 888-287-4036 for her informative brochure  titled:
"Grave Monument Price List".
Adding Curbing
Our professional maintenance staff can install concrete curbing around your cemetery spaces. This adds definition to your property.  Prices include a steel reinforced concrete perimeter curb, a concrete bench with pad, and grass.  We can also install an in-ground sprinkler system if you would like.  Please ask for our informative brochure titled:
"Adding Benches & Curbing".
Statues & Memorials
Please be aware that due to current park regulations, there are very specific "Dos and Don'ts" concerning adding special statues and/or memorials to your grave area.  Please contact Linda Martin  of Lighthaven Memorials at 888-287-4036 for her informative brochure  titled:
"Adding Statues & Memorials".
Cremation Urns
Bellwood currently offers a wide variety of memorial cremation urns for your selection.  From fired porcelain to metal or bronze, from various woods to many different types of stone, your choices are almost endless. We have a display of just a few representative items in the park office.   Please ask for our informative brochure titled:
"General Price List".
Private Estate Mausoleums
Are you or your family interested in building a private estate mausoleum?  If so, please contact the park office for details, design options and current prices. We have designs from a single unit to a multi-use family mausoleum holding ten or more.
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Adding Benches
The unique character of a granite or concrete bench memorial is the perfect tribute for an individual or family.  Beauty, durability and function unite to honor those who are no longer with us. Please contact Linda Martin  of  Lighthaven Memorials at 888-287-4036 for her informative brochure  titled:
"Adding Benches & Curbing".
Adding Trees
If you would like to add a tree to your grave-site, please seek proper approval from the park office first.  From experience, we have found that most types of oak trees seem to fair best given or current weather patterns.  Once you decide on your tree, please let us know and we will plant it for you at no additional charge.  This way, we can be sure that your tree is placed properly in the space you designate.  Please ask for our informative brochure titled:
"Adding Trees & Watering".
As the years go by, weather will take a toll on the looks and condition of your marker.  Bellwood offers a complete refurbishing process to restore your memorial to a "like new" condition.  Please be aware that this is a lengthy process, however, and is affected by basic weather conditions. Normal turn-around time can be as much as 30 days. Please ask for our informative brochure titled:
"Marker Refinishing & Renewal".
Cremation Viewing Room
Bellwood currently has two cremation facilities located in the park.  Also, we are the only facility in central Texas to maintain a cremation viewing room for our customer's use. Please ask for our informative brochure titled:
"Cremation Facts".
Vaults and Containers

Bellwood is pleased to offer a wide variety of Vaults and outside containers to our clients.  A small selection of theses are on display in the park office.  Please ask for our informative brochure titled:
"General Price List".